Convid 19

Convid 19

UPDATED... MAY 12th, 2020 

Dearest Ringette Family and Friends,

As the Coronavirus Global pandemic is still effecting our business and how we can operate we are able to provide a glimmer of hope with some new delivery options.  Our stores are still currently closed but we have the following options available. 

Calgary: Curbside & Free Delivery (within Calgary) 

             1 (403) 282-4355 

Stratford: Curbside 

              1 (519) 271-3000 

Website Orders & phone orders can still be shipped to you. NOTE: Wednesday is free shipping day!!!

We will continue to provide any updates as this ever-changing situation is monitored. Take care, be safe and we will see you all again soon.

Wendy - The Ringette Store - Calgary

Tanis - The Ringette Store - Stratford